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Date: 25.09.2016
Time: 11:52
USD: 2.9474 TL
EUR: 3.3044 TL
Clk Gayrimenkul
Şahinbey Cad No 74 Çekmeköy istanbul
Tel.1: (216)6418113
Tel.2: (216)6418114
Mobile1: (532)6763686
Fax: (216)6418115

Our team of experienced real estate as Çekmeköy STEEL CLK and knowledge, The Çekmeköy, Ümraniye, Taşdelen, Üsküdar, sancaktepe, Sarıgazi, Kavacik predominantly to regions, are real estate investment consultant.

Requests related to investment Çekmeköy region or e-mail address in the communication section of telefonlarimiz reported through to help you to perform your requests will be happy

Consultancy under

- Customer representatives and assist the work of distribution of elements

- Regional studies

- Customer portfolio assessment in terms of supply and demand

- Fixed the market is ready to be brought Ensuring the

- Preparation of written and visual marketing proposals

- Sales and marketing

Çekmeköy CLK Property

Rental Housing, Houses, Land for sale - land and other real estate services for your needs. Served in our region and the sale of real estate to rent can be assumed, that you have requested real estate properties, you can do research related to the location and we can advise you. A lifelong thousands of Turkish people have made an effort and the accumulation of trouble with the right decisions when evaluating the "CLK STEEL PROPERTY" We are aware of the responsibility we have undertaken.

Under the light of demographic and economic analysis of institutions and people in accordance with the establishments to be determined and provides marketing, tenant-owner relations are shaped, and redirects.
Better valuation of the company when no çekmeköy in recent sales transactions on property that find common features and differences analyze the actual value reaches the sales process right in the numbers has realized .. Our company also participation in a series of training faliyetleriyle income at a fraction of employment that staff training of the separated, and companies within he qualified personnel for our country to bring up for me also contributes

Summit, we are in real estate ...


 Human relations and meet new people like you better if you

- I just set up your own business by investing on your own if you want to

- If you understand the importance of systematic work,

- Team work to your benefit to the rise of the individual believe

- If you want to achieve higher earnings from work,

STEEL PROPERTY CLK correct address ...



Real Estate Commission Fee



Istanbul Chamber of Commerce was organized by the Ministry of Education approved by TC Real Estate Marketing Specialist courses successfully completed the Certified and equipped all the necessary information about real estate professionals receive services by the


We rented the apartment to the office or who want to sell our archive of all property owners will receive the title, we'll remove fotokobilerini


The legal owner of your rental apartment or purchased by lease or purchase that you'll be sure


Apartment rentals and sales face to face with the owner without seeing you in our office we will never receive earnest money, property owner face to face with you drink for the opinions we have as comfortable apartment rent or buy will be missed


You like the apartment from rent or buy before you go in person to circle the natural gas, electricity and water installations with the latest spinning counter numbers, reading, yet did not come in the future the bills even calculates the apartment fixtures belonging to the record business organizations' web sites debts whether belonging to the dump along with the last faturalarınında output receive and we we add to the file verecegimiz


Buy any term or indefinite alacagınız apartment on whether a rights owner can not personally go to the research office with the deeds we do.


Rental apartment you finish your contract,''the office of the last times because of the roof drain any would occur in the event owner costs karşılacağını his acceptance and has tahaahüt''by adding the substance legally provide to protect your rights.

Zero from a building, even if you keep a rental property, no one roof you can not absolutely guarantee that we will not flow if such a problem if I do If you'll show way.

Stand at the back of the after-sales service.


When you hold an office or gas stove Kombili of this device for any problem within a month out of these charges again when we will meet the owner's property as we add material to the contract.




This device uses a tenant that each year in the winter it enters the maintenance fees that tenants will meet in this respect during the need to change the part is (for example, the boiler ignition system) tracks the cost of the goods by the owner will be met, because the changing track circle is a fixture in our contract items as are found and implemented.


Tenancy until you're finished with the owner on your search tool, ie as a bridge remains, to quit when you decide that we as a contract while at the termination of the contract ready for electricity, water and gas meter re-read the final bill out of your internet casting takes your landlord with the document declares, and you give your deposit at the entrance to ensure you get the same delivery, you receive your deposit is received your official signature as legally contract feshinede'll end your tenancy.


Why give real estate commission fee?




Would benefit from an experience of 10 years''''


I buy or rent the apartment I know that I'm getting from the market price


75.000-to 60.000-ie tl tl ye do not receive a flat increase,


500'lük a rental apartment 600 'e do not hire


Will help in every way for my apartment I have a neutral expert


In a metropolis like Istanbul


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